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Hand Craft Vulcanic Glass

Volcanic glass is the amorphous (uncrystallized) product of rapidly cooling magma. Like all types of glass, it is a state of matter intermediate between the close-packed, highly ordered array of a crystal and the highly disordered array of gas. Volcanic glass can refer to the interstitial, or matrix, material in an aphanitic (fine grained) volcanic rock or can refer to any of several types of vitreous igneous rocks. Most commonly, it refers to obsidian, andara, a rhyolitic glass with high silica (SiO2), gold, silver, and etherium content.

Volcanic glass is unstable and tends to change spontaneously (devitrify) from the glassy to the crystalline state in periods of time that are relatively short by geologic standards; the material takes on a stony appearance due to the presence of minutely crystalline aggregates.

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